Grand Rising: Coming Full Circle

Grand Rising Lovelies. 🌞I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and you did something that you love. My weekend was pretty chill. I created some new magical seasonings, meal prepped for clients, and did lots of reflecting. Reflecting on where I was and where I am today. All I can say is that my growth is rooted in love and I am appreciative of the woman that I used to be. 🥰But very proud of the woman I’m becoming. Wearing this crown isn’t easy and at times it gets heavy. But The Universe didn’t give me anything I couldn’t handle so I’m always good. And to know that I’m always good brings a peace of mind and a trust within myself and the Universe. This solid trust opened a pathway to follow through on my vision of KGS and now look it’s alive. It’s real y’all!!! Lol THIS is pure bliss and a full circle moment for MEagan. It’s a high I can’t explain. It’s Just Simply Euphoric and I’m Grateful for this Feeling. 😌As I was reflecting, I then received this amazing photo from @onecrown1c of my Kitchen Goddess Seasonings and I got emotional. Emotional because it was a confirmation to keep pushing and that damn PEOPLE REALLY FUCKIN’ WITH MY SHIT. 😩😂😩Like that’s fucking amazing and I am forever GRATEFUL for y’all. 🙌🏽As long as I apply myself and keep my thoughts positive, things will only get better from here. I appreciate y’all supporting me and showing me love. Whether that’s a follow, like, comment, repost, or purchase. I Thank You and I Love You. I Affirm Greatness Within You and I Send Blessings Your Way. And I hope this inspires you to follow through on your vision. Love. 🧘🏽‍♀️🔮🙌🏽💛🥰

Meagan Collins