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Along my journey I’ve taken a lot of risks. Risks most people wouldn’t dare to take. 

I’m willing to risk “losing” it all for the sake of my purpose. But see that’s the thing, I’m only losing fear. So when fear no longer serves me, I release it and let go. Once I let go and trust in my intuition, I began to open myself up to an abundance of blessings and leaving behind what no longer serves me. I know that bigger and better blessings are manifesting for me. As long as I’m doing my part, the Universe will take care of the rest. So go through your day knowing that all your needs and wants are met before you even ask. Go through your day knowing that you are guided and protected and nothing or no one can harm you. Go through your day knowing that once you become aligned with self, the blessings will rain on you. Be ready to receive! 🙌🏽Silence your ego (negative self talk) and Listen to your intuition. Trust your intuition, it will never lead you astray. Namaste. 🧘🏽‍♀️💛🌞AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: I Trust the Universe and I Trust My Intuition. 

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