Eye Am Choosing A Path for MEagan.

🌞 Grand Rising Lovelies 🌞

This message from Spirit was everything Eye desired this Rising. A confirmation that Eye Am choosing the best path for MEagan. Eye made some major decisions over the weekend about which path to take and what Eye desire to commit myself to. Eye Am All In For MEagan. 🙌🏽Today Eye feel motivated and have the InnerG to accomplish all of my goals that Eye have set for myself. Eye am committing to Nu things that make me feel nervous and excited which is a good thing because it allows for me to showcase my shadow side. And no the shadow side isn’t always negative. Your shadow side can be unique things about yourself that you’ve hidden from the light due to fear. I’ve kept my creative side hidden due to the scrutiny from others (family, friends and co workers). Them not having an inner-standing and acceptance of how Eye express myself kept me feeling trapped. It felt like Eye was doing something wrong or distasteful but to me it was my artwork. It’s a way of expression and how Eye love and honor myself. Eye shouldn’t feel trapped being myself. How does that even make sense? And who wants to live like that? Ooooo chileeee Eye surely do not. Now of course it’s easier to blame others right? Yea it is but Eye take accountability in the fact that Eye did not accept my shadow self. So if Eye did not accept my shadow side then Eye cannot expect for anyone else to accept it. Now that energy is being projected back on to me because Eye lacked self confidence to fully accept MEagan. Eye chose to be hidden based out of fear but that’s no longer happening.

See how it always comes back to SELF? We have freewill in this world so do as you please but just know that energy will be projected back on to you. So now that Eye have this new found self awareness, Eye can no longer keep that side hidden from myself. I’m actually doing myself and the world a disservice. Plus, my shadow side is screaming at me to be showcased and that’s exactly what Eye am going to do. Showcase MEagan. The Awesomeness, The Okay Days and the Bullshit. So be ready! Lol 


🗣🗣As Eye walk on this Nu path, Eye have learned to accept and love myself first and that others’ fears that are being projected onto me are really fears that are within me and them.🗣🗣

Read that shit again and out loud to yourself then enjoy your day!

And by the way today is the 5th. The number 5 is a very powerful number and it is my life path number. So this post is dedicated to FREEDOMMMMMM!!!! (Nicki Minaj voice) Namaste. Love and Light. 🧘🏽‍♀️🥰💛Thank you @Shamamahuntingowl for this message. 💛

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