Loving The Skin I’m In

It took me awhile to love the skin I’m in and fully accept my new body after transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle. I’m not as “thick” as I used to be due to protein loss which means muscle loss, weaken hair and acne. On top of that, my self confidence took a major hit but I didn’t give up. Oooo chileeee the struggles. Lol Going meatless is a major challenge especially when you’ve been condition to consume animal flesh so finding protein alternatives that are good and soy free is another pain in my ass. And some of them are just freakin’ gross. 😩😩 But anyways it’s been almost a year since being meatless and I can’t believe I got this far but I did! My gut health has improved tremendously and I only had one acid reflux and IBS episode so far. That’s amazing compared to having it twice a month. I’m so thankful for that and I am finally free now! Free to be me and love me unapologetically. We all go through changes in life but it’s how you maneuver through that will bring you victory. My health meant more to me than being “thick” and now I’m wealthy in health. Thank you God. Thank you Universe. Thank you Soul Family. 🙌🏽💛🥰🌞

Meagan Collins