A Kitchen Goddess Lesson

Grand Rising Love Muffins 🥰 I hope you all are having an amazing and productive Rising. I wanted to share this photo with you as areminder that shit happens and you have to keep rolling. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy and when products are involved it can make things extremely stressful. Hell entrepreneurship is already stressful AF as it is, so don’t be super hard on yourself. Fuck shit is bound to happen, it’s apart of the game. Yes, I was disappointed and cursed when I seen the broken jar but that wasn’t the reason why I was disappointed. I was disappointed because a customer showed me love and support and it upset me that she didn’t get one of her products. I’m all about the customer experience and building and retaining relationships because it’s key in business and plus people are cool. I‘m extremely thankful that @jyotiiii is understanding and patient which is why I have no problem replacing it for free and throwing in a freebie. This is a learning lesson for myself in many ways and it’s only preparing me for the big time! @jyotiiii thank you for being understanding and sweet as pie. You’ll be receiving your DIVINE blend in Divine timing. Thank you again for your support. And to all my hardworking entrepreneurs out there, show yourself some compassion when the bs arrives. I promise you it’s only temporary so turn that frown upside down and smile, you got this Queen or King. Namaste. 🧘🏽‍♀️

Chef M. 💛

Meagan Collins